Spurning frá Árbakka is for sale.  She is a beutiful marefoal, dark chestnut with a special marking which looks like a question mark, and there comes her name Spurning (Question).  This foal is a very exciting breeding mare.   BLUP is 114.

This picture is taken now in september, the one down below when she was only five days old.

I also now took a better look.  She moves very beutifully, has a good trot with good suspension and then changes to tölt and back to trot.  Her movements are really good.  So I am now even more impressed from her.

Her pedigree is very interesting:

F: Tenór frá Túnsbergi (Final score 8,61, there of 9,15 for riding abilities!!)
FF: Garri frá Reykjavík, World champion breeding
FM: Staka frá Litlu-Sandvík
M: Rebekka frá Borgarholti (final score 8,03)
MF: Þróttur frá Borgarholti
MM: Ljósbrá frá Borgarholti

This picture was taken when she was only few days old, she has grown a lot and now we have also seen that she will become grey/white, as her father.

Spurning frá Árbakka