And one more beautiful than the next one!  Most after Framherji and most of them after first price mares.  One though after Geisli frá Svanavatni and our first price Dimma frá Efri-Rauðalæk.  Here some snapshots of them, I will add new pictures as time goes.

We are very happy with our foals after Framherji, all have veeery long legs and they move lightly, some tölt and some trot.  And the necks are nice, a really interesting group!  Still to arrive are some more Framherjis, 1 more after Geisli, one after Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli.  So a colorful group of foals we are getting this year.


Þjóðverji frá Árbakka, after Framherji and Þota frá Árbæ (total score 8.30)


A beautiful black stallion after Framherji and Rebekka frá Borgarholti (total score 8.03) name still in progress.


2 hours old daughter of our favorit Flétta frá Árbakka (total score 8.20) and Framherji. Frétt frá Árbakka is her name. This is the first foal after Flétta and we believe in her we have a great breeding mare!


Telma frá Árbakka, the gorgeous palomino with blaze, after Framherji and our Baldur frá Bakka daughter Embla frá Oddgeirshólum (final score 8.08)


A black little mare in her first hours after Geisli frá Svanavatni and Dimma frá Efri-Rauðlæk (final score 8,19)