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Time to write something!


As Facebook seems to be the main tool people are using today, we have neglected our homepage.  I will now try to improve this and […]

Time to write something!2019-12-07T13:06:36+00:00

Enviroment rewards 2014


Í miðju keppnisstressinu í júlí fengum við skemmtilegt símtal. Var þar formaður Umhverfisnefndar Rangárþings ytra, Anna María á Helluvaði sem tilkynnti okkur að […]

Enviroment rewards 20142019-12-07T13:07:28+00:00

Great riding and competition horse


IS 2006181793 Skandall frá Sælukoti is a 8 year old gelding.  Handsome and a little over medium big, easy clear gaits and easy to ride. […]

Great riding and competition horse2019-06-02T12:07:59+00:00

New foals almost every day


And one more beautiful than the next one!  Most after Framherji and most of them after first price mares.  One though after Geisli frá Svanavatni […]

New foals almost every day2019-12-07T13:07:02+00:00

Good start into new outdoor season 2014!


Hulda and Gústaf had good weekend last weekend in Keflavík at a competition. 3 horses, 3 diciplins, 3 first places! Gústaf won fivegait junior class […]

Good start into new outdoor season 2014!2019-06-02T01:57:55+00:00

Autumn at Árbakki


In the autumn in Árbakki there are a sort of routine.  Then we start up the young horses, this year a very interesting group of […]

Autumn at Árbakki2019-12-07T13:08:34+00:00

Gordon frá Árbakka


Gordon is born 2009, a big, approx 1,45 cm and very handsome (still) a stallion.  Dark chestnut with a lot of mane, this horse is […]

Gordon frá Árbakka2019-12-07T13:08:59+00:00

Riding instruction – clinics


Hulda and Hinrik both travel quite a lot to give clinics all over Europe.  We will soon start planning 2014 but in the fall of […]

Riding instruction – clinics2019-12-07T13:10:27+00:00

Next flights in the fall of 2013


To Liege in Belgium (for most of Germany, Belgium Holland, Austria, Swiss etc): almost every Wednesday evening.
To Norrköping in Sweden (for Sweden, Norway, Finnland): Next […]

Next flights in the fall of 20132019-12-07T13:10:03+00:00

Flétta frá Árbakka 8,20 í aðaleinkunn


Fléttu sjáum við sem djásn í framtíðarrætkuninni.  Hún er afburða einstaklingur og við vonum og höfum trú á að hún skili því áfram til afkomenda […]

Flétta frá Árbakka 8,20 í aðaleinkunn2019-06-06T11:58:16+00:00
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