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Send us a message via E-Mail and we will take the time to get to know you so we can help you find your dream horse. Also if you need to export your horse send us E-Mail or feel welcome to give us a call.

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Yes you can do that. If you own a mere here in Iceland and don’t live in the country we can pick up your mere and drive here to our farm where she is sired by one of our stallions. Please contact is for further information.

Hestvit Export horses to every country in Scandinavia and North America and most country’s in Europe. Please contact us for more information on cargo flight information and transform.

Yes we do. We go regularly to the east, north, west and south of Iceland to pick up horses for Export. Please contact us for more information on transportation in Iceland.

Yes we sell horses that we breed here at Árbakki. We breed horses, mere and stallions, for a varied purpose such as competition, breeding show and riding; all in the same horse. Please contact us for further information about what kind of horse you are looking for. We got the horse you need. “Let’s Talk!”

Yes we speak several languages so feel free to write to us in germanic, english and Scandinavian language. We speak fluent German and English so feel free to talk to us via telephone.  “Let’s Talk!”