Gordon is born 2009, a big, approx 1,45 cm and very handsome (still) a stallion.  Dark chestnut with a lot of mane, this horse is really something to notice.

He is only ridden for about 7 months.  Gordon has good and even gaits, trots with a good suspension and walk, as with so many Aron offsprings is just great.  Tölt is far from fully trained but is not hard to train and he is light in the hand and very cooperative.  Gordon is a material for a competition horse in four gait or even five gait  and tölt and since his character is so stable, he also makes a great riding horse for anybody.


Aron brings one competition horse after the other and we have no doubt that Gordon will be one of the them.

F: Aron frá Strandarhöfði, honorory price
FF: Óður frá Brún, honorary price
FM: Ósk frá Brún, honorary price

M: Gríma frá Árbakka (fourgaiter with 7,92, there of 8,5 for tölt, trot and willingness)
MF: Vökull frá Árbakka
MM: Dýna frá Breiðabólsstað