One of the things we do, is that we sell horses. We have sold thousends of horses the last 30 years, World Champions, National Champions, top class breeding horses and leisure horses. So we might have your dream horse. Not all our horses are listed on here at Hestvit website or on our facebook site, so if you are looking for a horse please feel free to contact us anytime and ask for our current horses for sale.

We can also help you find your dream horse, even if it is not in our stable, we can help you find it somewhere else, we always know about a lot more horses for sale, than are located in our stable.

Great riding and competition horse


IS 2006181793 Skandall frá Sælukoti is a 8 year old gelding.  Handsome and a little over medium big, easy clear gaits and easy to ride. […]

Great riding and competition horse2019-06-02T12:07:59+00:00

Gordon frá Árbakka


Gordon is born 2009, a big, approx 1,45 cm and very handsome (still) a stallion.  Dark chestnut with a lot of mane, this horse is […]

Gordon frá Árbakka2019-12-07T13:08:59+00:00

Spurning frá Árbakka born 2013


Spurning frá Árbakka is for sale.  She is a beutiful marefoal, dark chestnut with a special marking which looks like a question mark, and there […]

Spurning frá Árbakka born 20132019-06-02T03:05:49+00:00

Gneisti frá Árbakka – SOLD



Gneisti is born 2008 in Árbakki.  He is black with a tiny star, fourgaiter that will be ready for competition next spring.  He […]

Gneisti frá Árbakka – SOLD2019-06-01T12:08:19+00:00
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