Hestvit has Exported the Icelandic horse since 1989

Hestvit has been the biggest exporting company for several years, exporting around 600-800 horses to all over the world every year. It started exporting horses 1989 and has exported almost 13000 horses, altogether. We can practically plan export to every corner of the world. Most horses go to Europe, then quite many to North America, mostly USA and Canada. But we have planned export to other countries as Australia, Mexico and more.

The process is not complicated, you can contact us and we help you plan everything, from picking up the horse from seller, making all papers, bringing it to the airport and transport your horse to you if you can’t pick up the horse yourself from the airport.

Horses for Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, fly to Norrköping in Sweden. There are collecting flights to Norrköping about 4 times a year. We collect orders and when we have about 60 horses, a flight is scheduled.  As from 2023 we also offer a route to Sweden, where the horses fly to Belgium and then go with a truck to a horsehotel in Ljungby in Sweden, where they become rest and then can be picked up by seller within 48 hours after arrival.  We need about 15 horses for this route to take place so it can go more often than a 60 horse flight to Norrköping. 

Most other horses go over to Liege in Belgium. There we have flights almost every week and there the horses are trucked all over Europe. For Denmark we have a special route, with 10 horses and we transport them from Belgium to Kolding in Denmark, where they can be picked up.

For USA we collect orders and have then flights when we have collected ca 30 horses. These flights take place ca 2-3 times a year.  

For ordering a export/transport for your horse you can send us mail over hestvit@hestvit.is and we will answer all your questions. The process is fast and easy.  You can also contact us over facebook messenger or instagram, where Hestvit has its pages.  

All flight notifications will be published on our facebook page.

Exported Icelandic Horses
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