Hinrik Bragason and Hulda Gústafsdóttir have been working as a team with Icelandic horses, selling and exporting them over 30 years and together we founded the company Hestvit.

Hulda Gústafsdóttir and Hinrik Bragason have been working together with horses since 1987. Hinni had been working before with horses, Hulda studied business administration. Along them exporting horses and selling horses, they have been riding successfully competitons and receiving titles as World Champions, Nordic Champions, Icelandic Champions and many more. And being nominated as “Gæðinga” rider of the year and Sport rider of the year in Iceland.

Our farm Árbakki and family business located on the bank of Rangá ytri, in South Iceland, where competent nice people work with horses.

Feel free to contact us about anything around the Icelandic horse, we can help you with almost anything, for example export, buying, selling, finding a stallion for your mare, learning and so on.

Horse Export Service since 1989

The process is not complicated, you can contact us and we help you plan everything, from picking up the horse from seller, making all papers, bringing it to the airport and helping you find a transporting company in your country.  If you prefer we can also arrange delivering your horse to you from the airport.


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