Gneisti frá Árbakka – SOLD

Gneisti is born 2008 in Árbakki.  He is black with a tiny star, fourgaiter that will be ready for competition next spring.  He started to tölt in the summer of 2013 and is doing great, having a lot of tölt.  He is easy to ride, his charackter great and very friendly to handle.  He is about 143 cm.  This video is made in the summer and since then he has made big progress.

This horse has a lot of possibilities.  His walk, trot and canter are also very promising and this together with his friendly charakter makes him a very interesting horse.


F: Glóðar frá Reykjavík, final score 8,34, fourgaiter

FF:  Roði frá Múla

FM: Glóð frá Möðruvöllum

M: Gyðja frá Möðrufelli

MF: Arður frá Brún

MM: Glíma frá Guðnabakka