Snilld frá Selfossi – pregnant by Aron frá Strandarhöfði – SOLD

Snilld is a beautiful fivegaited mare, chestnut with a star and a lot of mane.  She has good movements and has a great pedigree that tells us that she has the possibilities to be a interesting breeding mare. F: Asi frá Kálfholti, FF: Feykir 962, Hafsteinsstöðum, Stjarna frá Kálfholti.  A big part here is the famous Kolkuósi line. M: Sóley frá Stóra-Aðalbóli, MF: Leistur 960 frá Álftagerði, Landsmót winner, MM: Sunna, Skálmholti MMF: .Náttfari frá Ytra-Dalsgerði. Snilld is pregnant after the great competition horse father and a honorary price stallion Aron frá  Strandarhöfði.  She will become her foal sometime in August and can therefor still be exported, ca until the end of Apri.  So this is a great change to get very interesting blood for fair money.  Ask for her price, if you are interested via e-mail.