Snilld frá Selfossi – pregnant by Aron frá Strandarhöfði – SOLD

Snilld is a beautiful fivegaited mare, chestnut with a star and a lot of mane.  She has good movements and has a great pedigree that tells us that she has the possibilities to be a interesting breeding mare. F: Asi frá Kálfholti, FF: Feykir 962, Hafsteinsstöðum, Stjarna frá Kálfholti.  A big part here is the famous Kolkuósi line. M: Sóley frá Stóra-Aðalbóli, MF: Leistur 960 frá Álftagerði, Landsmót winner, MM: Sunna, Skálmholti MMF: .Náttfari frá Ytra-Dalsgerði. Snilld is pregnant after the great competition horse father and a honorary price stallion Aron frá  Strandarhöfði.  She will become her foal sometime in August and can therefor still be exported, ca until the end of Apri.  So this is a great change to get very interesting blood for fair money.  Ask for her price, if you are interested via e-mail.

Gordon frá Árbakka – New video and pics


Gordon is born 2009, a big, approx 1,45 cm and very handsome (still) a stallion.  Dark chestnut with a lot of mane, this horse is really something to notice.

He is only ridden for about 7 months.  .  He has good and even gaits, trots with a good suspension and walk, as with so many Aron offsprings is just great.  Tölt is far from fully trained but is not hard to train and he is light in the hand and very cooperative.  Gordon is a material for a competition horse in fourgait or even fivegait  and tölt and since his charakter is so stable, he also makes a great riding horse for anybody.


Aron brings one competition horse after the other and we have no doubt that Gordon will be one of the them.

F: Aron frá Strandarhöfði, honorory price
FF: Óður frá Brún, honorary price
FM: Ósk frá Brún, honorary price

M: Gríma frá Árbakka (fourgaiter with 7,92, there of 8,5 for tölt, trot and willingness)
MF: Vökull frá Árbakka
MM: Dýna frá Breiðabólsstað.

Dröfn frá Árbakka – New pictures – SOLD

Dröfn frá Árbakka

Dröfn frá Árbakka

Dröfn is born 2009, is a chestnut with a small star.   The picture is taken early in the spring and her coat was not quite even but the neck can be seen. She is about 1,40 cm big. Dröfn is fivegaited and has a interesting bloodline.  Her mother fivegaited, with clear gaits and great pace with Otur fra Sauðárkóki in it.  Her father is Hlynur frá Ragnheiðarstöðum after the famous Aron frá Strandarhöfði and the Landsmót winnner in Tölt 2002, Rás frá Ragnheiðarstöðum.

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Spurning frá Árbakka born 2013

Spurning frá Árbakka is for sale.  She is a beutiful marefoal, dark chestnut with a special marking which looks like a question mark, and there comes her name Spurning (Question).  This foal is a very exciting breeding mare.   BLUP is 114.

This picture is taken now in september, the one down below when she was only five days old.

I also now took a better look.  She moves very beutifully, has a good trot with good suspension and then changes to tölt and back to trot.  Her movements are really good.  So I am now even more impressed from her.

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Gneisti frá Árbakka – SOLD

Gneisti is born 2008 in Árbakki.  He is black with a tiny star, fourgaiter that will be ready for competition next spring.  He started to tölt in the summer of 2013 and is doing great, having a lot of tölt.  He is easy to ride, his charackter great and very friendly to handle.  He is about 143 cm.  This video is made in the summer and since then he has made big progress.

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